ENG) 꿀잠 자는 방법 / 침대정리 매트리스 바꾸다

ENG) 꿀잠 자는 방법 / 침대정리 매트리스 바꾸다

The day has dawned Sunny nice day Oh~ the wind is refreshing An apple Cereal 7 almonds Mlik One redhyang Eat breakfast I eat cereal after a long time Apples eat in the morning The bed mattress has arrived from bodyluv Queen size Eh! Queen size? That? Right! Queen size Grab this big mattress handle This box has wheels for easy movement You can easily move large mattress by yourself Hello! customer Mattress waterproof under cover Mattress outer cover Relieved Home Care Spray Simply sprinkle 99.9% sterilization Sleeping eye patch I were surprised to be bigger than thought eye patch Eye patch is cute in pocket This eye patch don’t press my eyes, so I think it’ll be comfortable Start tidying up the bed Clean up the existing thin mattress I put a new mattress Pit-a-pat The queen-size mattress is curled up and compressed It’s long and it’s hard to just pull it out When I open the box, I can easily take out a mattress Includes snap knife for removing mattress vinyl Remove the vinyl with a snap knife If you remove the outer vinyl The mattress swells by itself Oh ~ It’s amazing ~ It becomes a mattress by myself BODYLUV mattresses are said to have independent pocket springs that are used only in luxury beds It is said to swell completely in 72 hours Remove the vinyl with the included snap knife Remove the mattress vinyl This is a waterproof mattress cover Can protect your mattress from liquid stains Easy to lay due to banding This is a mattress outer cover The outer cover is 100% cotton and has a base color The outer cover can be easily covered by four side banding I have a hybrid mattress in my house Mattress with foam mat and spring Gives sense of unity and comfort I feel like I’m lying on a cloud I put a blanket on the mattress A perfect bedroom has been built on one side of the room First of all, it looks perfect and comfortable Tidy up one’s room I put the eyepatch in the basket A tidy dask I turn the vacuum cleaner This refreshing mood I can feel the freshness I’ve never felt before Sprinkle on carpet with home care in peace Curtain too Cleaning up! It’s very tidy A tidy bed~ Good This refreshing after cleaning I eat a fresh redhyang I appreciate the arranged bed, pleased Hi~ Wall E Should I lie in bed? This comfort ~ The bed is comfortable I’m going to lie down for 30 minutes This mattress is unlikely to compare with a thin mat I want to keep sleeping like this I feel the comfort of the bed now Good Oops, time has already passed Don’t want to get up I try to wake up with coffee I wanted to eat sweet This is why I’m getting fat However, after eating coffee and sweet things, I feel better February is … The phrase “time is so fast” is a pain in the mouth now Transience of time Writing a diary Transience of time Came out today The moon rises beautifully Evening No rice Seaweed fulvescens and tteokguk rice-cake I make Seaweed fulvescens rice cake soup for dinner Put rice cake and Seaweed fulvescens in vegetable broth I season with salt and simply complete the Seaweed fulvescens tteokguk soup Frozen a fillet of sole Lightly grease and bake in the Airfryer 15 minutes will be enough? Delicious dinner time Seaweed fulvescens rice cake soup, spinach, Tomato juice 👍 Seasoned Spinach Sweet and delicious Home Cinema Open What should I see? I chose a new drama Itaewon Class Um, I thought I wanted to keep watching Have many different feelings, I just live from day today Good night

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18 thoughts on “ENG) 꿀잠 자는 방법 / 침대정리 매트리스 바꾸다”

  • 안녕하세요, nice vlog as usual ^^
    Could you please tell me where did you get you new mattress from and is it good? 감사합니다 ♡

  • 매트리스가 생겨서 구름잠 자겠어요~
    보는내내 포근해 보이네요 ^^ ㅋㅋ
    혼자서도 뚝딱뚝딱~ 설치도 잘하고~
    가자미 하투하투~^^ ㅋ
    순간순간 재밋고 편안하고 흐믓하게 영상 잘 보고 갑니다~

  • 안녕하세요 ~ 여러분~^^
    제가 이번에 좋은 기회로 침대 매트리스를 바꿨는데요
    바디럽 제품인데
    매트리스하면 무겁고 설치도 힘들고 비싸고 그렇잖아요~
    매트리스가 압축이 돼서 배송이 되니 혼자서도 쉽게 매트리스 설치가 가능한 제품입니다.
    아직 설치한지는 얼마 되지 않았지만 처음에 저희 집에 있었던 얇은 매트와 비교했을 때는 그 안락함과 편안함을 비교할 수가 없네요~^^
    매트리스 구매 계획이 있으신 분은 좀 더 보태서 침대형 매트리스로 선택하면 더 편한 침실이 될 것 같아요.
    그래서 가성비 굿 매트리스 바디럽에서! 오직 달고의작은집 구독자들에게 드리는 할인 혜택 5% 할인 이벤트 쿠폰이 도착했어요. (개인적인 대가는 없어요~ 구독자에게 드리는 할인혜택입니다 🙂

    쿠폰 사용 방법
    http://tabb.at/dalgo 에서 회원가입을 해주세요
    My page>쿠폰>DALGOBODYLUV 입력
    *꼭 대문자로 입력하세요 *중복 사용 불가
    *쿠폰 등록 후에는 30일 이내 사용가능합니다.
    *한정수량 소진시 이벤트가 마갑됩니다.^^

    형편이 허락하는 한 침구는 좋은걸로 마련하세요~
    이제 꿀잠 자볼까요~~ 🧡

  • 메트리스 바꾸시니 집이 더 아늑해진 느낌이에요 ☺️ 저두 요즘 이태원클라스 넘 재밌더라구요 ㅎㅎㅎ