Zempire Moonbase & Moonpod Camp Chairs – Demo, Setup & Features Review

– G’day guys, Brendan here from Tentworld in Prospect. Here to talk to you about
the Zempire Moonbase and the Moonpod Chair. Now these guys are
actually exclusive to us here at Tentworld, you won’t find ’em anywhere else. So I’m gonna show you
how to set this guy up. So, you have a webbing strap here to keep it together, nice and simple. Undo that guy, find the feet, flip them out. (phone rings) (cameraman laughs) – [Natalie] Hello Tentworld Prospect, this is Natalie. – You know what? I’m just gonna have a break. (cameraman laughs) So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. So, at the moment, this is the Moonbase, huge thing, you see me disappear into the
void of the chair, massive. Both of these chairs have a
120 kilogramme weight rating. They’ve got 16 and 19 millimetre
powder-coated steel tubes. Reinforced hinges as well, so you don’t, you know you’re not gonna go anywhere. Some rubber feet on the base. And both of these chairs
actually also have a wonderful carry bag. Now the actual material itself, is a water-resistant 600 denier rip stop polyester and I’m gonna show you
how to pack these down as well, so it’s super simple. If you wanna squeeze in
tight here, cameraman. Come in close. So each of these chairs, have, like, a little thing here. So you grab that, pull it up, like that. Just want to tilt it on it’s side, fold it down. (click) You hear that lock into place. Nice and easy. Put the webbing straps on the back. Roll it over. Tie it off. Into the bag. And you’re away. Nice and simple. Great for an adventure
around the field or, just you know, easy camping weekend. So, if you want to pick up one of these, come and see us or buy one from outlet store online. Have a good one guys. See ya.

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